Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pics of the Month

Las últimas semanas en USA se pueden resumir en estas fotos de Instagram y Facebook que os muestro en el post de hoy. Unas semanas llenas de experiencias y recuerdos que hoy he querido compartir con vosotros, y que os recuerdo que podéis seguir a diario a través de mis redes sociales. Espero que os gusten!!
Last weeks in US can be summed up in the following pics from Instagram and Facebook that I show you in today's post. Weeks filled with lots of experiences and memories that today I wanted to share with you and that you can follow daily through my social networks. Hope that you like them!!

US sunny driving

Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod

Blackberrys for Dessert

American Diet

New York


Boston Shopping


Moma's Jewels

Love Breakfasts...

Denia's Outfit


Maine's Lobster

Beautiful Maine


Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod

NY Afterwork

Sushi time in Maine


Boston Kayak

NY working time

Madrid's Outfit

El Retiro, Madrid

Quincy Market, Boston

Moma's Lunch

Madrid last night

Marina Bay, Boston

Marina Bay, Boston

Breakfast in Boston

Pink Ripped Jeans Look


Relaxing after working

Colorful Outfit

Niagara Falls

Boston Nights

Another Look in Madrid

Starting Boston's Night


Love it!

NY Partying

Boston Nights

NY Shopping

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